Beginner Spanish

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Date(s): 02/07/2018
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Davidson Parks and Rec

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Beginner Spanish – Level 1
If you have little or no knowledge of Spanish or you don’t know how to read and write in Spanish, this session will help you to take baby steps into the language. From the first session you will be introduced in a comfortable and engaging way to the basic foundations of Spanish pronunciation. You will learn how to
read in Spanish, and will be introduced to writing, and continue with
greetings/farewells, articles, agreement of articles-nouns-adjectives, question words, class commands, and frequent questions and answers that will allow you to start a conversation. Through oral activities and exercises in class, you will learn to ask and respond to daily life basic questions. After completing this level you will be able to introduce yourself, use greetings and farewells, and understand class commands. For more information or to register, call Davidson Parks and Recreation at 704-892-3349 or online at

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